Basics of Writing a Eulogy

What is a Eulogy?To begin, what is a eulogy and when will you encounter one in your life? A eulogy is a speech about a person who has passed away. It can also be in written format about the life of a deceased person. Eulogies are often featured in the obituary section of newspapers, where they are in the written format. If a loved one in your life passes away such as a spouse, family member or close friend you may be asked to deliver a funeral speech or create a written eulogy for an obituary page.

Creating a Eulogy

If you are tasked with creating a eulogy, it may seem like a colossal task at first. Don’t stress out. Eulogies have no set form. You are given freedom and creativity to compose your eulogy almost anyway you want. Take these core items into consideration when composing a eulogy about the deceased.

  • Mention any noticeable accomplishments the person has achieved in their life. Some ideas for accomplishments are sports accomplishments, academic achievements, and any awards the person may have received throughout their lifetime. Remember you are trying to honor the person in a eulogy whether it is in a speech format or in a written format.
  • Mention the family of the person who has passed away. Who are they survived by? Where did they work? How did co-workers and friends view the person? What were their hobbies? Try to paint a positive image of the person and their life.
  • You may want to share some of the best memories of the person who has died. Memories can include marriage, childbirth, fatherhood and time spent together. What did the person that has died feel passionate about? What was important to them?

Organizing a Eulogy

Now that you have some ideas of what to include in a fantastic eulogy, you want to organize all of your key points and ideas. The best way to organize a eulogy is by chronological order. This means starting at the beginning of the person’s life and ending with their legacy and their death. Other helpful things you can do is to create a list of all of the things you want to do include in your eulogy and then cross out things that are unnecessary or that are best left omitted.

Preparing to Give a Funeral Speech

If you are going to be giving a funeral speech focus on the content of the eulogy. Do not worry about grammar or spelling. The eulogy you create should be a guide to help deliver the speech about the person that has passed away. It can be phrases to help you remember things you wish to mention or a complete speech that you have written beforehand.

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