I am a doctor’s note designer and I feel good for helping people

Car mechanics help people fix their cars, architects help build their homes and fix people’s houses and I am someone who helps people get some time off work or miss class when they cannot take it anymore. My job is very rewarding when people send me a thank you email with a picture of their holidays attached. I believe life is more than just money and work.

Since you are at school, they start imprinting the idea that you should study, work and start a family and then die, well for me life is more than that and your happiness comes before anything. In addition, some jobs make people forget about their own life, I have seen people who haven’t seen their family in years and young people who haven’t travel the world and they work 24 /7.

Despite the fact that you do need to pay bills and rent, by no means does your boss has the right to make you give up your life. Although the only responsible for letting this happen is you, time off is a right and not a favor from your boss.

When someone contacts me for a job I first make sure I get enough details about the person, I ask about their job, their daily routine and any other important fact about their personality and most importantly their reason for getting a fake doctor’s note. By doing this I can not only make sure I create a good reason for him to miss work, but it also gives me the motive to fake a doctor’s note for them.

For this reason, I am able to either agree to do the job or say no. Until now I have rejected three persons as clients. Given the fact that my job is to help people, the only reason why I help them do something that they need but don’t quite know how to do it is because they will be using that time in something good for them. One of the clients I rejected needed a doctor’s fake note to go and take revenge on someone that was flirting with his girlfriend.

I never give my clients an impolite answer so I just replied that I couldn’t make it for the date that was needed and I blocked that person immediately. Altogether I enjoy my job and it has taught me that people aren’t always looking for a fake doctor’s note to fool their boss, but rather to be able to keep their job but take a breath.

You can check out the samples of my work at Benin’s Dr excuses and services. You can try and look at how good my designs are and you can back to me for more. However, like I’ve said, I just help people with good intentions and thus making my conscience clear.

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